Office of the Controller of Examinations
About Us

The Office of the Controller of Examinations is responsible for the matters connected with the conduct of examinations of the University. Core activities of this office includes:

- Management of course registration of students.
- Announcement of the examination schedule.
- Appointment of internal, external and third examiners.
- Issuing admit cards and attendance sheets.
- Supplying of answer scripts and relevant documents to the respective examination halls.
- Taking of necessary steps against any student for any kind of anti-disciplinary activities in the examination halls.
- Sending the answer scritpts and other related documents to the respective internal/external and third examiners.
- Providing assistance in preparing tabulation sheets.
- Receiving the tabulation sheets from the Chairman of the examination committee.
- Sending the research papers to the experts for evaluation.
- Preparation and publication of results and distributing its copies to the respective offices.
- Approving various bills of remunerations related to examinations.
- Preparation of grade sheets, provisional certificates, original certificates, transcripts etc.
- Distribution of certificates, transcripts and other documents to the students.
- Performing such other work as may be, from time to time, assigned by the Vice-Chancellor and the Academic Council and the Regent Board.

In a word, the Office of the Controller of Examinations carries on all works connected with the University Examinations in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Ordinance.